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Marie Forleo shares tips on building an online empire

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Named by Oprah as a ‘thought leader for the next generation,’ Marie Forleo has built a successful multimillion dollar business as a marketing and life coach and bestselling author. She is also the creator of the award-winning show, Marie.TV and founder of B-School, a video-based training program that teaches entrepreneurs strategies on building an online empire.

I recently had the pleasure of attending a masterclass with Marie in New York. 

Marie’s tips on building an online empire: 


1. Believe  

Mindset is everything. You HAVE to expect to get there. The only way you won’t is if you quit. If you ingrain the belief that everything is “figureoutable” you won’t stay stuck. I was given this belief from my mom very early on in life and it’s served me well.  

2. Embrace the unknown

99% of everything you need to do to grow your online business authentically would not have been done before. There is never going to be a roadmap to follow if you want to be innovative. Don’t be afraid to embrace new territory. 

3. Work smart 

Focus on the 80/20 rule i.e. prioritize your revenue-generating activities. Know where you get most of your profits and only pay attention to the inputs that matter.

4. Create before you consume

Spend time on the goals you’ve set to create a better life for yourself each morning, before you get distracted by day-to-day tasks. 

5. Take small steps

Start small, really small to avoid getting overwhelmed. Seek feedback and build from there. 

6. Build your tribe

Cultivate a community of like-minded friends. People around you who aren’t entrepreneurial will think you’re nuts – so it’s important to have people in your circle who understand the hustle. Get clear on who you’re living your life for.

7. Focus on a niche

Hone down on your ideal customer. It’s too broad to say: “my target is women entrepreneurs.” Get as specific as you can e.g. “women entrepreneurs who are starting their first 6 figure business.” Interview your audience to get an idea of their needs. What are the problems they want solved?

8. Become an ‘idea machine’

Keep a journal of ideas; things that light you up. That way you’ll always have a steady flow of creative energy. (I wrote about #1 Secret To Boosting Your Creativity here).

9. Take action 

The more action you take, the more motivated you’ll feel. If you struggle to motivate yourself to create something you should question if it’s really for you.


Oprah named Marie a ‘thought leader for the next generation.’